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With the help of the accompanying FAQs, you may learn more about our processes and how we work. Please contact us at if you have any questions. OR, if you have a query that isn't answered here, please email us.

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No, the provisions of the SGB only apply to people who have their place of residence or habitual abode in the Federal Republic of Germany ( §3 SGB IV) . In this respect, the Nepal and not the German legal provisions apply.

Yes, 19% according to German Law.

Yes, you will receive a proper invoice with all the mandatory information required in Germany.

Yes you would get one.

You will be billed monthly, based on the start date of your Employee. You can pay this using Bank Transfer.

We recognize that effective communication is essential for remote work to be successful. We allow both sides to contact via Whatsapp, email, phone calls, Skype, and other similar services. We also train our personnel so that communication is straightforward and seamless.

Hire an individual or a team for work within a week.

Starting from 600 euro netto per month  for full time employees. But it varies according to requirement and skills.

Yes! We offer contract flexibility by providing Virtual Employees on a weekly, hourly, and monthly basis.

If you are unhappy with an employee’s performance, we will replace them within two week.

It’s no problem. If a Virtual Employee is unwell or on vacation, we can assign a substitute Virtual Employee. We have a three-month notice period if any Virtual Employee wishes to leave the organization. We manage to transfer the knowledge base to another Virtual Employee at that time, and none of our client’s work suffers as a result.

Below are the simple steps we follow when you decide to hire our dedicated Virtual Employees:

  1. You Send Requirement
  2. We Shortlist Candidates For You
  3. You Interview Candidates
  4. Hired Candidate Starts Work

The notice period is usually 4 weeks.

A corresponding document will also be made available to you by upon conclusion of the main contract.

The Virtual Employee would work in an overlapping shift that corresponded to the client’s time zone.

The hired Virtual Employee work for 48 hours-6 days in a week.  However, if the requirements are urgent, we are willing to extend the timeframe.

Our main office is in Berlin, Germany, and we have two back offices in Nepal and India, where we hire virtual employees.


Yes, you will have complete control over your hired team because we provide committed resources and provide transparency between the two sides.

Yes! The Virtual Employees you recruit will work full-time for you, just like any other conventional in-house employee.

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