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Employee.to is a platform that allows businesses to hire highly trained and competent employees to help them achieve their objectives. Our goal is to assist any organization that has been unable to complete a task on time due to untrained or inexperienced employee. Thus, we built this platform where you can acquire numerous of qualified and experienced employee for your organization as well as for certain project. For your convenience, we’ve divided subscriptions into daily, weekly, and monthly packages, so you can engage a virtual employee at the lowest possible cost based on the length of your project.
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Hire Virtual Employee is a mobile app with thousands of trained and professional workers. The app’s goal is to supply a business with well-trained and experienced employees who can work for them remotely. All three formats of the app are available (Android, IOS, Window). Some of the most important characteristics of this software are:
-> It assists organizations in hiring the most professional and skilled employees from any part of the world at a reasonable cost;
-> It saves organization’s excessive allowances that are provided to physical employees. For example, health allowances, food and beverage allowances, and so on.

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