Terms of Use for Candidates & Employers


1. General

UIZ GmbH, based in Berlin (hereinafter also “we”), places students, working students, trainees, interns, and young professionals with companies and other organizations via the websites www.employee.to (hereinafter also “platform”), temporary workers, and other job seekers (hereinafter also “candidates” or “users”) (hereinafter referred to as “employers”). Employers utilize our platform to recruit applicants and receive access to qualified individuals. Candidates can quickly identify acceptable job offers and employers, as well as receive assistance with the application process. Employers with relevant job offers can also be found and contacted. We cannot guarantee the candidates’ successful job placement or advise acceptable employment offers based on a suitable position or an interview.

These terms of service apply to anybody who uses the website.


2. Scope

2.1 The following terms of service define the conditions for utilizing our candidate platform. These terms of service only apply to the platform in its current version at the time the contract is signed.

2.2 You cannot use the platform unless you agree to these Terms of Service.

2.3 The Platform makes these Terms of Use available to the User so that they can read, download, and save them locally.


3. About licenses and third party content

Here you’ll find the terms and conditions for using our website, which we strive to keep up to date and working properly (3.1). That implies, if necessary, we have the authority to prevent someone from utilizing our site and services (3.2).

You are not permitted to use our intellectual property (3.3), however you are permitted to submit your own content on Employee.to. You are solely responsible for this content (3.4), and we are not liable for any content you encounter from other users (3.5). Just let us know if you suspect someone is using something you’ve copyrighted (3.6).


3.1 We let you use our site and services

We’re granting you a ‘restricted license’ to use the site. This is what it means.

We welcome you to use our website and services (known as the services). You are free to use this access (or limited license) as long as you comply with these terms of service and all other applicable Terms of Service.

We’ll try our best to ensure that our services are secure and functional, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll have continuous access. In fact, we may discontinue providing certain features or services entirely, and we are not required to give notice if we do so.


3.2 We can stop letting you use our services

We reserve the right to terminate your access to Employee.to if you break our Terms of Use or other elements of our Terms of Service. This is known as terminating your license, and if it happens, we’ll notify you and you must immediately stop using our services.


3.3  We keep the rights to our intellectual property

You may not utilize any of our trademarks or other intellectual property, such as copyrights and patents if you use our services. Even though we allow you to utilize our services, we retain all of our intellectual property rights.


3.4 You’re responsible for what you post

You’re in charge of how you use our site and what you put there. You agree to compensate us for our legal fees and expenses if someone makes a claim against us because of something you place on the site (lawyers call this ‘indemnification’).


3.5 Third parties post on Employee.to, too

Anyone else who uses our platform is accountable for the content they publish or link to on Employee.to.

Unless they’re formally working for us when they publish or post the content, we’re not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any content provided by others on our site. The views expressed in any content are those of the person who shared it, not those of Employee.to.

3.6 You can make a copyright complaint

We are committed to adhering to EU copyright and related rules, and we expect site visitors and users to do the same. That means you can’t store or share anything on our site that infringes on anyone’s intellectual property rights, including copyright rights under EU law.

If you own copyrighted work and believe that something on our site has infringed on your rights under EU copyright law, you can request that it be removed.

4. Data protection

4.1 The user’s personal data is collected, processed, and used in accordance with our data privacy statement. Here’s where you may find them: https://employee.to/privacy-policy-2/. 4.2. The user freely submits personal data to employee.to for the purpose of completing the contract. 4.3 The user understands that employee.to will disclose or allow access to their personal information to interested or potential employers. 4.4 employee.to will contact the user by email and other communication channels, such as telephone, messenger services, and SMS, for the duration of the contractual relationship in order to deliver the contractually obligated service.


5. Exemption

The user agrees to hold Employee.to harmless from any and all liabilities, including third-party claims for damages, that Employee.to may incur as a result of the user’s usage of the platform or the user’s transfer of third-party data to Employee.to or third parties.


6. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

The legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany governs these terms of service. If the user is a merchant, a legal body under public law or a special fund under public law, the venue of jurisdiction is Berlin. UIZ, on the other hand, has the right to litigate at the user’s registered office in this scenario.


7. Subsequent changes to these Terms of Use

During the course of our contractual relationship with the user, we reserve the right to amend these terms of service. The user will be explicitly informed of the modifications and made aware of the – highlighted – modified portions in a timely manner. In most cases, the notification takes the form of a platform publication. We do, however, maintain the right to determine how the user is notified of the changes.


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