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Mr Palpali, a Call Operator Expert, has 2 years of dealing with clients through inbound and outbound calls. He has the ability to understand clients’ requirements which helps any company’s customer care service to make good relations with their clients. His clear and professional talks help any company to make understand about terms and policies of their clients.


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  •  Cocap organization
  •  Mar 2018 - Mar 2019

First, he started as a volunteer at the Cocap organization. That was the first work he was involved in. He worked there as a volunteer to gain experience. He built connections and skills in himself. He worked there for 1 year.

Telesales representative

  •  Dish Home
  •  Mar 2019 - Mar 2020

Then he worked at Dish Home as a Telesales representative. Dish home is a well-known internet and HDTV provider in Nepal. He worked there for a year. He got recognized by different companies after working at a dish home and started getting job offers. There he also worked for a year.

Marketing executive

  •  Bonjour management
  •  Mar 2020 - Sep 2020

After that, he was a Marketing Executive at Bonjour management. There his roles include: 

  • Contributes knowledge, concepts, and investigation to the creation of marketing plans
  • Contributes to the development, planning, and execution of marketing plans for service.
  • Forms advertising plans and works with colleagues, and other experts to execute them through various platforms.
  • Create ways and tactics for selling tickets, including targeted advertising, etc.


  •  Customer service
  •  Sep 2020 - Mar 2021

Then after working at Bonjour Management for a year he joined Mahindra customer service he was a Project Coordinator. There he used to track the ongoing development of projects. He was also responsible to give project managers or other stakeholders thorough briefings and assure that coworkers have the tools and resources they require in order to execute their assigned tasks on schedule and within the budget constraints

Call Center Assistant

  •  Thakur International
  •  Mar 2021 - Present

Now he works at Thakur International as a call centre assistant. In Thakur International, he handles the calls and is also involved in data entry. He is responsible for bringing projects to the organization and also marketing the organization.



  •  United Public Secondary School,
  •   - Jan 2015

He passed his schooling with good grades from United Public Secondary School, Kanchanpur. He was a hard-working student. He was an average student in his school but better in extracurricular activities. He had a sharp mind.

Hotel Management, Management

  •  Little Buddha academy kanchanpur
  •  Jan 2015 - Feb 2017

He had an interest in cooking at that time. He took cooking classes in the gap and then joined Hotel management in the Management stream at Little Buddha academy, Kanchanpur. He passed his +2 level with good grades.

Business in Business Studies

  •  Nepal Commerce Campus
  •  Feb 2017 - Present

Then after he thought of joining Business. Now he holds a bachelor's degree in Business Studies from the Nepal commerce campus, Kathmandu Baneshwor. He was a great student during his bachelor's. He got involved in different businesses and started gaining ideas.


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  • Project Level
  • February 27, 2022
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Great communication skills and punctual at work.

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