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Miss Budhathoki is a dedicated virtual employee who has been with us as a social media consultant for about a year. She began her career as a social media consultant. She has a bachelor’s degree in information technology and has worked in a variety of sectors, adapting rapidly. Her customer service skills are excellent, and she also has a creative mind. She is a strong person with the ability to put forward. She’s worked on over 25 websites and received rave reviews from our clients and customers. The nicest thing about her is that she performs better under pressure and in a short amount of time.


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Digital Marketing Intern

  •  Sital Real state
  •  Jul 2020 - Dec 2020

Marketing Intern

  •  Bugv
  •  Jun 2021 - Sep 2021

Social Media Expert

  •  Thakur International
  •  Aug 2021 - Present

She began her professional career as a Digital Marketing Officer at Seetal Real Estate on Salla Ghari in the year 2020. She then worked as a marketing intern at BugV (a cyber-security company). She then became a social media expert for us. She has a wide range of abilities at this point. If we talk about what she learned here, she has improved her client-handling skills, as well as her ability to manage several social media accounts for businesses, design posts for them using Canva, manages multiple projects, and operate under pressure.

Few words from herself

Sajani Budhathoki “I started my work journey from this company. Sheetal Property is a top-notch real estate firm with years of experience, excellent customer service, and meticulous attention to detail. I used to work there as a digital marketing officer. I use to create posts to promote their services and handle the clients with their queries. Then after I got an opportunity for a marketing post in Bugv which is a Cyber security company and joined where I use to help develop business strategies for company growth and handle customers too. Now I am here at Thakur International working full time as a social media expert. Here I develop posts for different restaurants and handle their clients too”


School and +2

  •  Bhanubhakta Memorable School
  •  May 2017 - May 2019

She completed her SEE from Bhanubhakta Memorable School and then she commenced her +2 in the same school choosing the Biology in Science faculty.

She completed her bachelor’s from Herald College Kathmandu i.e. United Kingdom affiliated college situated on Naxal. She has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

Bachelor's in Information Technology

  •  Herald College Kathmandu
  •  Jun 2019 - May 2022

This curriculum seeks to offer students a solid understanding of key computer science principles by combining them with modern computer languages, tools, techniques, and methodologies utilized by computer professionals around the globe. Anyone learning his course will be able to improve their programming skills as well as their problem-solving abilities. Also, learn how to create software that fits the needs of clients and will get the chance to create a piece of software for your final project. On her final year project, she created a Candidate Selection System using Java Spring Boot. This BIT in computing course is an excellent stepping stone to a career in the information technology field.

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  • Project Level
  • March 4, 2022
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Most dedicated toward work, and has ability to design great insta and facebook post.

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