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WordPress SEO And Social Media Marketing

Proficient and creative WordPress developer with a strong history in website management and development working at Thakur International. Experienced in SEO and PPC campaign creation. Expert in all aspects of WordPress website creation, including design, plug-ins, and implementation. Skilled in creating engaging and interactive websites. Excel at team projects and leadership. Detail-oriented and knowledgeable in various programming languages. Dedicated to superior customer service at all levels from the first meeting with a client to the website maintenance after launch.



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Social Media Manager

  •  Thakur International
  •  May 2019 - Oct 2020


  • Creating content, including text posts, videos and images for use on social media.
  • Promoting products, services and content over social media, in a way that is consistent with an organization's brand and social media strategy.
  • Developing new social media strategies and campaigns.
  • Keeping track of data and analyzing the performance of social media campaigns.

Intern/Web Technologies and Digital Marketing

  •  Silk Innovation Pvt.Ltd
  •  Dec 2020 - Feb 2021


  • Write SEO-optimized articles for the company.
  • Support the Marketing Team to implement marketing strategies.
  • Creating website layout/user interfaces by using standard HTML/CSS practices.
  • Conduct research for the latest products and technologies.
  • Contribute and support the marketing team to implement marketing strategies.

Social Media Manager

  •  Thakur International
  •  Jun 2022 - Present

Now he is working at Thakur International in a Social Media Marketing post. His responsibility is:

  • Creating posts for marketing.
  • Handeling social medias.
  • Bost social media.
  • Reply on behalf of the organization.



  •  Step By Step Higher Secondary School
  •   - Dec 2016

He began his educational career in Step by step higher secondary school. For a long time, he was an introvert, but with the help of a few teachers, he gained confidence. He was a little late, but he made the best of it. After opening up, he began a mass presentation and began learning and teaching his friends. He received a high grades in school.

High School(+2)

  •  Step By Step Higher Secondary School
  •  Jul 2016 - May 2018

He did well in school and was a bright student, so his school awarded him a scholarship, and he enrolled in science at the same institution. At the eleventh grade, all subjects were required, and he chose math for the 12 grade. At his first attempt, he completed high school with good grades.

BSC. (Hons) Computer Networking and IT Security

  •  Islington College Pvt. Ltd.
  •  Aug 2018 - Oct 2021

After that, he went to Islington College for further education. He now holds a bachelor's degree in computer networking and security with a specialization in IT security. During his bachelor's degree, he worked on projects such as Bank Database Development, Portfolio Website Development, DoS Attack on Windows 7 using Kali Linux, and Network Simulation Model. He received first-class honours in his bachelor's degree, with an overall result percentage of more than 70%.

International Masters on Business Administration

  •  Herald College Kathmandu
  •  Feb 2022 - Present

He has now changed his major to a Master of Business Administration. In Nepal, the course lasts two years. It is a degree with an international focus. This degree assists in the development of their abilities and knowledge in business management at all levels. This degree will help you gain a better understanding of important business operations and how they interact with the larger strategic and international environment.

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