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Software Developer


Should be able to fix bugs, adapting software to new hardware, improving performance, and upgrading interfaces are all examples of software modification.

Should be able to control the testing and evaluation of the system.

Should be able to manage the development of software and documentation.

Should be able to work on technical difficulties with clients or departments, such as software system design and maintenance.

Should be able to evaluate data to make recommendations and plans for the installation of new systems or changes to current systems.

Should be able to evaluate of software hardware interfaces and development of specification and performance requirements with engineering staff.

Should be able to use scientific analysis and mathematical models to predict and assess results and design consequences when designing and building software systems.

Should be able to create reports on the specifications, actions, and status of programming projects.

Should be able to consult with project management to learn about restrictions and abilities.


Should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related field is required.

Should have a knowledge of the software development life cycle is required.

Should be able to work in a high-pressure setting.

Should be able to do unit testing of source codes.

Should be able to work on a variety of software development projects.

Should have a skills of a programming language in depth.


Junior: 1-2 Years, Intermediate: 3-5 Years, Senior: 5-10 Years

Additional skills

– Problem Solving Skills

– Critical Thinking Skills

– Flexibility

– Communication Skills

– Teamwork

– Organization Skills

– Creativity

– Emotional Intelligence

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Junior, Intermediate, Senior


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